img_5659I haven’t been baking with the Alpha Bakers for quite some time but this past week, Marie contacted me and asked if I would like to join in for the last few recipes of the bake though.  I thought that was very sweet of her and as I was already in the kitchen with other baking projects I thought it would be fun to work this one into the mix.

img_5658I may be hallucinating but I had a huge sense of deja vu while I was making this recipe.  I think this was one of the recipes I beta tested with the Beta Bakers.   I have made monkey bread before so that may be the reason but I remember making this dough and weighing out and rolling the balls of dough.  I don’t have any recollection of the dunking sauce so I may just be way off the mark on this.

img_5666At any rate I found this great fun although somewhat messy.  I always seem to forget just how sticky brioche dough is but it firmed up nicely after its overnight chilling and wasn’t really any problem to deal with while filling and rolling the balls.  Maybe I am just getting used to it and as I have been playing with laminated doughs so much lately, I guess I am just getting faster at dealing with butter laden dough.


As I usually bring my weekend baking projects to work or share them with the neighbors.  This one will be no exception.  I am sure that everyone is going to be wanting seconds.

I know it looks a bit overbaked but it truly wasn’t.  It wasn’t quite done after 30 minutes so I gave it an extra 5 minutes which was just enough time to make the dunking sauce get a bit brown but the temperature was correct and it doesn’t smell or taste the slightest bit burned.  Delish.