img_5671For this weeks Alpha Bakers recipe I once again had feelings of deja vu.  I swear I have made this recipe before.  It even takes very familiar.  I guess it could have been another recipe that I beta tested.

img_5673At any rate this is a very easy recipe and quite tasty.  I know that the prune preserves sounds a bit odd.  At least for those people who don’t like prunes.  I happen to love them so I made a double recipe of the prune preserves so I could use it on my morning toast or bagel.  It is amazing how just that little hint of lemon zest totally transforms the recipe.

img_5672The cake sponge is also very nice.  It is light and quick to make and is very moist and easy to roll.  I am not sure if I prefer it over my usual hot milk sponge just yet but I will play around with both and see which one wins.

img_5674Making caramel is pretty much old hat these days as I seem to have made a ton of it in the past few months.  I found that adding it to the whipped cream was rather nice.  Not too strong a taste, just a hint of caramel in the lightly whipped cream.

All in all a really nice dessert.